...Free from the overwhelm?

As an entrepreneurial empath, you want to make a difference, but because you've felt others' emotions as if they're your own, you learned to people-please, problem-solve and soothe (i.e. manage a lot of energy so you would not become overwhelmed by others' reactions).  These hooks keep you frozen in place. 

...Free from the isolation?

In order to keep up with the exhausting pace of focusing on others' expectations, it wasn't safe to ask your heart what you needed, or wanted.  You've wanted reciprocal connections with others, but you don't have the energy, and you've stopped asking for support when you need it so you won't be let down.

...Free from the exhaustion?

Without the right type of support, it can be challenging to tune into your body, emotions, mind, and soul for what you need to care for yourself.  On top of that, the fear of other's reactions (criticisms, judgements, and attacks) can make it difficult to set boundaries and trust your decisions. Your decisions can then become fear-based, which drains your energy and creativity. 

...Free to flow with your life purpose???

Well, you know what?  Now it's your turn.  I hear you, and I want to help.  It is possible to experience a new way of being. 

Whether you're a healer, coach, teacher, or aspiring entrepreneur who wants to make a difference on the planet, an empaths' presence can threaten others' resistance to their own self-awareness and growth.  To minimize the attacks/judgement/criticism, it can feel safer for the parts of ourselves that hold powerful gifts to remain hidden.  

If you're ready to flow...

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I get it...

Hello! I'm Kelly C. Mullen. I've been where you are, and you deserve to care for yourself so you can create the world you want to live in. 

I envision a world where (aspiring) entrepreneurial empaths (healers, teachers and coaches...) create and hold a space for themselves to become the inspirational presence that allows others to begin their own empowered journeys.

Whether it's through private coaching, or facilitating groups, as owner of Whole-Self Wisdom, everything I do is about creating and holding a space for you to connect to the four parts of yourself – mind, body, spirit, and heart – so you can recognize the power you hold to flow with your life's purpose. 


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