Sensitive individuals, like you and I, are often highly attuned to the needs of others and have a strong desire to meet those needs; however, what usually happens is that we are the ones whose needs go unanswered.

This can result in..

Frustrating physical symptoms, including chronic fatigue and sleep issues

Burnout, overwhelm, stress, anxiety

Confusion about where to direct your time (and the little energy you do have) to support your purpose and financial wellbeing

Continuing to engage in one-sided relationships that are not supportive or nurturing.

If this resonates you, and these are some of the challenges that are affecting the life you want to live, then I invite you to...

 Reclaim your vital energy!

I’ve struggled with frozen, and blocked, energy as well…

After 20+ years in corporate training, my body was telling me (i.e. back pain, chronic fatigue) that I was not in alignment with my most expansive dreams, so in 2012, I started my coaching and energy healing facilitation practice.

In many ways, I’ve been coaching for most of my life, but after learning a variety of life coaching and healing modalities, I have been able to hone my gifts and gain confidence in all that I have to offer.

The challenge, however, has been marketing myself and my services: when it came to posting on social media to introduce myself to a broader audience, or writing a blog to connect with those who needed to know they were not alone, or creating offers that would support them in their journey, I just didn't feel like doing it. I felt frozen.

Sometimes this frozen energy showed up as back pain, or exhaustion, while other times, it showed up as an inability to receive inspiration. So how could I put myself out there and attract new clients when I’m feeling heavy, and I can’t express myself?

To experience some relief, and connect to my authentic voice, I explored a variety of modalities that helped me get at the root of the issue. I needed to connect with the power I had to shift my nervous system out of the frozen energy and into a state of connection—and part of that was taking a deeper diver into the somatic, spiritual and emotional aspects of healing. As a result of this path, I have more capacity to be a supportive presence for others (who knew the process of marketing myself would help with that?)—and I would be honored to support you in reclaiming your vital life force energy!

Introducing Reclaim Your Vital Energy!

In the accelerated membership, you'll receive three 1:1 transformational experiences with me that are intended to not only bring you relief from tension and overwhelm, but to also fill yourself up with more of your vital life force energy so you can receive more clarity on, and choose, the environments, relationships, and experiences that can bring more connection, fulfillment and joy. If you choose the self-paced membership, you'll have one session (type below will depend on your intention).

  • Stop the Energy Leaks in Session 1: Using  Byron Katie's method of inquiry to access your inner wisdom (with additional emphasis on somatic inquiry), you'll uncover the limiting beliefs that are leading to frustrating physical symptoms, and spending your time in ways that are draining your energy. While awareness of these subconscious programs will be the focus, these sessions are sensitively facilitated within the context that these beliefs formed to protect the parts of you that did not feel safe to express. 
  • Release What is No Longer Serving You in Session 2: Using two of the most powerful practices I know to free up the frozen/blocked energy (Tension & Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) and Parts Work) you'll release what holds you back, and awaken limitless choices so you can choose the environments, relationships and experiences that align with your most expansive dreams. Bonus: Upon learning TRE, you'll be able to apply this empowering practice on your own—anytime you are experiencing frustrating physical symptoms, overwhelm, anxiety, insomnia, exhaustion, confusion, etc.
  • Reclaim Your Power in Session 3: Using your intention, in conjunction with energy healing and intuitive guidance practices like reiki. shamanic healing, and "medicine song" light language, we'll create and hold a safe space for any resistance that is keeping you from moving forward, and retrieve the parts of you—your gifts and power—that are now safe to express. These practices will focus on your wholeness so that your energy centers (chakras) can come into a state of connection where you can more easily receive powerful insights and next steps from your inner wisdom and spirit Helpers. 
  • "Reclaim Your Vital Energy Guidebook" - It's easy to overlook the shifts that you are making. Print this helpful guide to capture the shifts, your powerful intentions, new insights and inspiring next steps.


Each session will be unique to your needs and intention, each month has a theme that can inform your intention and help you apply changes into your life.

Theme for Month 1: Creating Spaces

The first month is intended to help you create spaces that feel deeply safe and nourishing to you—including making changes to your current spaces—so you can feel safe to receive new insights and experiences that lead you into more ease, fulfillment and joy.

Theme for Month 2: Holding Space

The second month is intended to help you hold space for yourself, and others. I will help you recover your energy after unsupportive relationships, and then choose relationships, and ways of relating, that are supportive to your nervous system—including setting boundaries so you don't abandon your own needs and desires.

Theme for Month 3: Clearing Space

The third month is about releasing what no longer nourishes, and supports, you so you can design a life that honors how you want to feel. As you clarify, with intentionality, your desired feeling states (e.g., connection, peace, fulfillment, and joy), and refer to your internal compasses to choose the environments, relationships, and experiences that you value, it clears what is not in alignment with your most expansive dreams.

Theme for Month 4: Filling Space

Upon releasing the social conditioning and energetic burdens that are draining you, and clarifying your true needs and desires, this month will help you feel safe receiving and embodying that clarity so you can express yourself with the confidence needed to share your gifts, and voice in the world—as well as trust that you can handle any discordant energy that comes into your field along the way.

"I’ve struggled to speak up in groups for as long as I can remember, and had assumed my physical symptoms of fear and shame (heart racing, flushing, sweating, nausea) were things I’d just have to live with for always. I couldn’t have been more wrong. After experiencing Tension Release Exercises (TRE) with Kelly, I’ve been able to repeatedly use my voice with confidence and ease in a group of fifty people. I’m incredibly grateful for Kelly and the unique combination of skills she offers! "

T. Elliott
Coach/Shamanic Practitioner

Reclaiming Your Vital Energy Program is Open!

You've gained so much experience and wisdom tending to the needs and expectations of others, but now it's your turn to give yourself the attention you deserve, so you can BE the peaceful and vital energy you want to see in the world. Your energetic presence alone has a ripple effect. If you are ready to join the program, take advantage of my holiday savings, or if you have questions, see below to schedule a Free 30-min Clarity Call.

Reclaim Your Vital Energy Accelerated


Monthly Payments (with 4-month minimum; cancel anytime with 30 days notice)

Three private, transformational sessions to experience tension and stress relief, clarity, and empowered next steps (75-minute).

Guidebook to build in the power of intention, maintain focus on YOU, and celebrate all of the energetic shifts you are making.

Savings on additional sessions purchased ($150; regularly $199)

Join Today!

Questions? Not Sure This is Right for You? Schedule Your Free Clarity Call!

Do you want to reclaim your vital energy? On a scale of 1-10, how important is feeling your most vital—when it comes to your health, your wealth/career, and your relationships? If you are at a 7 or above, I encourage you to enroll in this program, or reach out to me to discuss further. I offer a Free 30-min Clarity Call where we'll get clear on your dreams and biggest challenge/block, address your questions, and determine if this program resonates with you! Alternatively, you can e-mail me at [email protected] with any questions.


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