“A fantastic creative tool for healers and coaches! 

Kelly’s poems inspire us to look beyond the physical and into the emotional and spiritual aspects of healing and transformation. Her ceremony cards complement the book with insightful questions to help us discover where we can grow and what more is possible!”

— Sarah Seidelmann, life coach, shamanic healer, and author of Swimming with Elephants, and The Book of Beasties: Your A-Z Guide to the Illuminating Wisdom of Spirit Animals

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All The Frozen Children

...because I am love
and light
the frozen children will reach out to me
because they are love
and light
the frozen children will reach out to me
And then I’ll call in all the Helpers
to bring their goggles and blow torches!

~ From Just Write the Book of Poems and I’ll Find You ~

About Kelly

KELLY C. MULLEN is an author, poet, shamanic practitioner, mind-body/somatic coach, certified Martha Beck Life Coach, Reiki Master, TRE® (Tension, Stress & Trauma Release Exercise) Provider and owner of Whole-Self Wisdom ( Whether it’s through poetry readings, speaking engagements, private coaching/healing sessions, or facilitating groups, everything she does is about creating and holding a space for energetically-sensitive empaths to connect to their whole selves - mind, body, spirit and heart - so they can move into more ease in the midst of stressful situations, energy to reveal and follow what lights them up, and engagement in meaningful and supportive relationships. You can e-mail her at [email protected]

“In Just Write the Book of Poems and I’ll Find You, Kelly opens her heart and shares her spiritual path to healing. She then invites the reader to join her in healing through reflective questions and ceremony cards, thereby shining inspirational light on Divine exploration.”

Katherine Wood

— Shamanic practitioner and teacher, author of Heeding the Call: Prairie Ghost Poems, and co-author with Sandra Ingerman of The Hidden Worlds


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