Overwhelm & Tension Relief

Do you want to make a difference, but sometimes experience frustrating physical symptoms, overwhelm, or exhaustion?

You might be an Empath...

If you often find yourself attuned to the needs of others at the expense of your own well-being, chances are that you have the ability to feel others' emotions as if they're your own. You're highly empathic nature is a gift to the world, however, this gift (if not supported) comes with some challenges.

Is this you? 

  • You're feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, anxious, or have trouble sleeping
  • You’re experiencing chronic pain (e.g. low back, neck, shoulders...)
  • You're finding that you need to spend a lot of time alone in order to recharge your batteries.

I get it...when you are experiencing any of the above, it can seem as though you don't have choices, and yet...

Stressful situations are a part of life.

They can keep you contracted and distracted until the universe brings you similar circumstances to trigger the release of dense emotions and protective patterns that are no longer serving you.  As you gain clarity on your truth and what you need and desire, these burdens will come up for release.  In the process, you can gain new perspectives and free up your energy to flow with your life's purpose.  In addition, healing from the traumatic and stressful circumstances can reveal the gifts and talents you came to express and build the confidence needed to share them with your community.

But what if healing feels too overwhelming?

Our culture tends not to value the importance of providing safe spaces for us to let go of the contractive patterns and emotions that come with them. 

As a result, we can tend to keep the painful emotions and memories surpressed through a variety of distractions (which all take a lot of energy!).  In Dr. David Bercelli’s book, The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process, he says, “In our avoidance, denial, and fear, we push away the very experiences that seek to stimulate the evolution of our consciousness and we deny ourselves the opportunity to become the person we yearn to be and are ultimately destined to become."

So, how can we feel safe to release tension, and heed the call to our own personal development and transformation?

Developed by Dr. David Bercelli, Ph.D, over a million people worldwide have been taught the six simple exercises designed to activate our body’s natural reflex mechanism of shaking/vibrating, thereby releasing deep areas of muscle tension, calming the nervous system, and restoring wellness. TRE offers a self-administered and self-regulated practice that allows you to enhance your body awareness, thereby increasing the level of trust we have in ourselves to respond to change and stressful situations with more ease – and ultimately build more resilience. Important: TRE is not intended for those who are pregnant, or if you’ve had abdominal/back surgery in the last three months.

Let's take this journey together... Introducing the Overwhelm and Tension Relief Quick Start Program

Have you tried everything, yet relief still seems out of reach?

When you join the Overwhelm & Tension Relief Program, you’ll receive a set of experiences and self-empowering tool to: 

  • Activate your body's muscular shaking/vibrating mechanism in a safe and controlled environment so that it's encouraged to release tension and return to a state of balance
  • Tune into the physical sensations of your body and emotions so you can receive your inner wisdom's guidance
  • Prepare yourself for a potentially stressful situation so that others' nervous systems can entrain to your calming presence 

"I had reached out to Kelly to explore the effects of TRE to support some of my nervous systems tendencies to be in defense, as it was showing up in a few areas of my life.

I felt excited going into the process knowing it could be another tool in my toolbox. The exercises leading up to the shaking felt supportive and grounding. Really helping me to be aware of my whole body.

The shaking that happened for me was subtle, but felt good in its release. The thing I truly appreciated was feeling a sense of control throughout the process. I felt very trusting of the process.
After the session I felt very aware of my body and calm. This also supported my interactions with my partner and new puppy.

I look forward to using this practice more after exercise, and or stressful situations that create tension.

I feel it was valuable and would continue working with this practice! I’m grateful to have this new tool." —A.L.

This program is for empaths who are committed to a practice of self-care that will help you...

  • Feel safe in your body so you can tune into your inner wisdom's guidance for what you need and want
  • Release trauma patterns so that your brain and body can make empowered decisions from the present moment - and aligned with your heart's desire
  • Release tension so you'll have the energy to share your gifts and presence with the world 

This program is NOT for you if...

  • You are pregnant, or have had abdominal or back surgery within the past three months
  • You do not have a space to safely perform the exercises and shaking
  • You do not have access  to a laptop/phone/camera where I can observe your full profile as you perform the exercises and shaking on the floor

Overwhelm & Tension Relief Quick Start Program

4 Weeks to Relief!

What you'll receive:

  • 4 private TRE sessions, customized with coaching/healing as needed*

Other benefits:

  • Weekly "Connect-In" e-mails
  • Special savings for Kelly C. Mullen in-person and online events
  • An online community room for connections and collaboration

* All online experiences will be led via Zoom.

"I’ve struggled to speak up in groups for as long as I can remember, and had assumed my physical symptoms of fear and shame (heart racing, flushing, sweating, nausea) were things I’d just have to live with for always. I couldn’t have been more wrong. After experiencing Tension Release Exercises (TRE) with Kelly, I’ve been able to repeatedly use my voice with confidence and ease in a group of fifty people. I’m incredibly grateful for Kelly and the unique combination of skills she offers! "

T. Elliott
Coach/Shamanic Practitioner

Overwhelm & Tension Relief Quick Start Program

The pain of not tending to yourself is costing you - likely thousands of dollars of time and direct energy - isn't it time to give yourself the attention you deserve? If you haven't already booked your complementary "Freedom to Flow" discovery call, click on the link below to schedule, and let's confirm whether this program is a fit.

4 Weeks to Relief


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4 Weeks to Relief


2 Monthly Payments for Total of $854

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Group Shake! Releasing with TRE

Are you in the Boulder County, CO area? If yes, here's a list of upcoming in-person gatherings (limited to 8 participants). To register, confirm your spot by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

  • Saturday, July 16, 2022 at 3pm - 4:45pm MDT
  • Sunday, July 24, 2022 at 3pm - 4:45pm MDT

You'll receive a confirmation email containing location details, or notification of your place on a waitlist. If you feel called to exchange energy, details on how you can make a donation will be included (Any amount at any time, before or after the event; no obligation). 

Receive invites for future events through the private Facebook Group "The Empath's Journey."  Click here to join! 

Are you ready to flow with your heart's desire?

Let's talk! Schedule a complementary "Overwhelm & Tension Relief" discovery session. Get clear on your biggest challenge. Receive guidance. Determine if we're a fit to work together.

"I was a little nervous about starting TRE because it's a new experience, but I was also excited about a practice that I could do on my own because a lot of the healing that I am going through has a tendency to manifest physically, and it can be costly to engage a healer. The practice was a little weird at first, but once I moved my thoughts out of the way, I was able to just let the shaking happen and I could feel the energy moving. I love that it works and that I can feel when pain, or stress, is released."


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