My name is Kelly C. Mullen.  As founder of Whole-Self Wisdom Coaching, my mission is to be a supportive presence for empaths (those who feel others' emotions as if they are their own) to experience the power they hold to transmute overwhelm and exhaustion so they can flow with their life's purpose. I do this by helping you release the patterns that keep you hooked into the past, build the right type of community to support you on your journey, see the power you hold to follow your heart's desire (and set boundaries), and share your gifts and unique light with confidence. 

My expertise is in helping you navigate stressful situations and transitions, all while feeling safe in your body so you can access your Whole-Self Wisdom's guidance toward experiencing your most expansive dreams and enjoy life.

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I create and hold a safe space for entrepreneurial empaths to experience relief from overwhelm and exhaustion so you can create a life of connection and prosperity..


Imagine what the world will be like when all of the exhausted empaths are free to flow with their life's purpose and have the life force energy to share their unique light and gifts.

I've chosen to support you on this journey because I've been there.  I know what it's like to:

  • Freeze, and fear you won't have choices if you flow with your purpose
  • Be rejected, and fear you won't have the support you need when you need it if you flow with your purpose
  • "Fail," and fear you'll make all the wrong decisions if you flow with your purpose
  • Be judged/criticized/attacked, and fear you'll be hurt if you flow with your life's purpose 

Today, after multiple initiations (transformations that included leaving a 20+ corporate career, starting a new practice as a trauma-informed healer, and caregiving for my elders...) I was led into a new way of being, and I continue to experience more and more freedom to flow with my inner wisdom's guidance.  

You have many options...

When it comes to engaging the right type of support and making that investment, you have many options. So how do you choose? 

Let me share a few thoughts on what it's like to work with me. 

  • My understanding:  A healer's call is to heal the world by healing themselves and becoming an inspiration - just by the energy they give off and the coincidences that occur to make their life easy and joyful. My life experiences and the healing/self-care journey that accompanied them have raised my consciousness and shifted my nervous system so I can be more fully present for others.
  • My key values:  I believe in beauty, integrity, alignment, empowerment, and connection
  • My approach: The trauma-informed modalities I practice address the whole-self (mind, body, spirit, emotions) and allow me to facilitate sessions that get to the heart of the matter in a safe/regulated way. 

When you choose me, you're to connecting with...

... a lineage of teachers/coaches/healers, across multiple modalities, who've held a safe space for me to learn and apply powerful concepts, ceremonies and coaching tools that explore the mind-body-spirit-emotions connection (I call it my Whole-Self Wisdom). See below for more details on my credentials and the journey from 20+ years of corporate training and development and into the world of trauma-informed healing.

After 19 years in corporate training and development, I applied what I learned during Martha Beck's coaching program (www.marthabeckinstitute.com) and began to question some of my beliefs about who I was and what’s possible.  With additional coaching, I began listening deeply to the parts of me that sought balance and I was able to make some big changes (including leaving a six figure salary and taking steps to start my coaching practice).

That said, although I had completed the certification program and experienced significant personal development, I still didn’t feel quite ready to start my coaching practice.  I began to realize just how sensitive I was to other people’s “uncomfortable” emotions and thought, “As someone who can feel others’ emotions as if they’re my own, how can I possibly coach people and still have energy leftover for myself?”

Fortunately, I let myself follow my body’s compass into Beverly Belling’s Intuitive Arts Studio (www.beverlybelling.com) where I learned how to differentiate  others’ energy from my own.  The tools I learned enabled me to create a comfortable space so that I could take care of myself and be fully present for my clients to have their own experience.  I also learned that I could trust my intuition (key for following and offering hunches with my clients) and that I can receive a lot more guidance when I’m not only grounded and centered, but in a curious and playful state of being.

At the same time, I gravitated to Abigail Steidley’s Mind-Body Coaching Program (www.abigailsteidley.com) where I learned the power of consistently asking myself what I’m feeling emotionally.  Asking this simple question, while observing sensations in my body, allowed me the direct experience of acknowledging the signals of tension/pain in my body, noticing my thoughts, feeling emotion(s), and connecting to the underlying message for how I can return to balance and take care of myself.   Ultimately, I engaged in the practice of processing stored emotions, and accepting new emotions that arose, so that I could be guided by them and experience their full spectrum (including joy!).  This also enabled me to hold the space for my clients’ authentic emotions to be felt and expressed so they too could be guided by their own inner wisdom.

Here’s what I love about mind-body coaching:  It’s grounded in the perspective that you’re already whole.  Rather than identifying with the conditioning that there is something wrong with you, or needs to be fixed, the four parts of you – mind, body, spirit, and heart – simply seek balance so they can guide you on an authentic journey of more ease, joy…and fun!

My coaching continued to evolve and coincidences continued to occur.  One day, while traveling in Arizona, I stumbled upon a book by Sandra Ingerman on shamanism (which looks at the spiritual aspect of illness).  I couldn’t put the book down.  I bought more of her books and sought out one of her teachers (Katherine Wood at www.vibranttreeministry.com) to complete Sandra Ingerman’s shamanic practitioner program.  Finally, I began to see how all of the puzzle pieces of my practice were coming together.

As my coaching/healing work evolved, I also began an empowering body-centered practice developed by Dr. David Berceli called Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE).  While at one of Martha Beck’s Summits for Coaches, I found that TRE brought deep relaxation to my body and nervous system.  The results were so fast (including releasing tension in my back and helping me with bouts of insomnia) that I sought out a local “group shake” that met regularly, which ultimately led me to pursue TRE practitioner certification.  You can learn more about TRE and check out videos at www.traumaprevention.com.

Since 2010, I’d been curious about Reiki, and when the right opportunity presented itself  I completed Spirit Reiki I & 2 & 3 (2018-2019) with Helen Knight at www.dreamtimehealings.com.  As I practiced this type of Reiki, I found that it allowed me to offer distance healing and seamlessly bring together all of the modalities I list above to serve my clients.

On a Personal Note...

Recently, I've found myself listening to more music and singing along.  I haven't sung since high school choir, but now I'm letting the myself play with it:  I'm singing my shamanic journeys for clients (for more vivid journeys!), and toning during Reiki sessions have turned into some catchy tunes.  When I'm outside, you'll find me on a walking trail where I'll feel called to start start humming. It's as if I'm catching a tune from the land and then when I sing it, the land gets to listen to the tune. It feels as though more is to come along these lines. We'll see!

My Transformational Programs

Will be a good fit if you...

  • Are looking for relief from overwhelm, anxiety and exhaustion
  • Yearn for a community that supports your unique and important journey
  • Open to exploring a Whole-Self Wisdom approach to healing and transformation - tuning into the emotional and spiritual aspects of healing as well as the physical and mental
  • Are someone who wants to make a difference in a way that offers more ease, connection and joy 

Will NOT be a good fit if you...

  • Expect to receive accountability, follow-up, etc.  "Connect-ins" are part of my programs, though they are intended as prompts to help you apply what you are learning and offer an opportunity to raise questions
  • Are more committed to the status quo vs. tapping into the root cause of your overwhelm/anxiety/exhaustion and transforming it into a new way of being
  • Are looking for another to do what is yours to do.  The practice of coming home to your body is a key part of my programs and involves taking responsibility for feeling your emotions so you can tune into your own inner wisdom
  • Believe that you need to set goals and judge/criticize yourself into accomplishing them

Curious about learning more?

Does the idea of discovering what's possible with my support feel light, or heavy, in your body? If there's a lightness, you've identified your next step!


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