It's Your Turn

Have you been tending to the needs of others at the expense of your own health, purpose, and relationships?


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You're Not Alone...

Individuals, like you, with a highly empathic nature and want the freedom to make a difference in the world, often experience the following challenges.

Is this you? 

  • Tending to the needs of others at the expense of your own health and financial well-being
  • Feeling confused about following your heart's desire, and disconnected from the impact you came to make on the planet
  • Overwhelmed, anxious, and exhausted from taking on responsibilities that are not yours to take on, or fearful about what will happen if you don't
  • Patterns of betrayals that erode your sense of trust, feelings of safety, and capacity to receive 

I get it...and there is another way of being...

What if it was truly possible and completely safe to…


Allow yourself to rest so you can  receive your inner wisdom's guidance to care for yourself - and so much more?


Trust your intuitive guidance, follow your heart, and play? 


Shine your unique light and express your gifts with confidence?

Let's take this journey together... Introducing the Freedom to Flow Program

When you join the Freedom to Flow Program, you’ll receive a set of experiences to: 

  • Recover from overwhelm, anxiety and exhaustion 
  • Receive support from a community of like-minded souls that share your vision for the world, see you in your strength and light, and celebrate your flowing journey
  • Make empowered decisions that align with your heart's desire so you'll have the vitality needed to fulfill your purpose
  • Transform fears of being attacked/criticized/judged for sharing your unique light, message, and gifts

This program is for entrepreneurial (including aspiring entrepreneurs) empaths who are so done with what is no longer serving them

  • So done with spaces and faces that don't feel safe and loving
  • So done with the self-pressure and need to do everything "right"
  • So done with attuning to others' (who don't value you) needs before your own
  • So done with handing over your power to others in order to avoid feeling the fear of being rejected, abandoned, judged, or attacked

This program is NOT for you if...

  • You are resistant to the mind-body connection, and experiencing the emotional and spiritual aspects of healing and growth
  • You are looking for someone else to "fix" or heal you
  • You are consistently clear about what you need and want
  • You believe you need to work harder with a "kick in the butt," or "whipped into shape" in order to experience the life you want to live

"I've been doing my thing in the world for a while, but this program has helped me to see with great precision the power of who I am, the gifts I share and the impact I have with my clients/potential clients. The content has brought up a lot of things that I didn't even consciously realize and I feel lighter. To be part of this program during CoVid has been an incredible blessing. Thank you."

Julie Ulstrup

Freedom to Flow Program

60 days to build your resilience and reveal your radiance

What you'll receive:

  • 4 private, customized coaching/healing sessions*
  • 4 small group, live transformational experiences* 
  • 4 modules of self-study curriculum for immediate application

Other benefits:

  • Weekly "Connect-In" e-mails
  • Special savings for Kelly C. Mullen in-person and online events
  • An online community room for connections and collaboration

* All online experiences will be led via Zoom.

"This program has helped me to move through some internal blocks and know how to connect to what is closest to my heart. The private sessions have been very valuable. Each one has been healing. Thank you! I so appreciate having been part of this program, for your heart, skills and knowledge, and dedication to the highest good for your clients."

Sabrina Roblin
Life Coach

Freedom to Flow Program

The pain of not tending to yourself is costing you - likely thousands of dollars of time and direct energy - isn't it time to give yourself the attention you deserve? If you haven't already booked your complementary "Freedom to Flow" discovery call, click on the link below to schedule, and let's confirm whether this program is a fit.

8 Weeks to Radiance


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8 Weeks to Radiance


2 Monthly Payments for total of $1454

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Pay in Full

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Are you ready to give yourself the space to flow with your heart's desire?

Let's talk! Schedule a "Freedom to Flow" discovery session. Get clear on your biggest challenge. Receive guidance. Determine if we're a fit to work together.

""After 35 years, I will be creating a whole new adventurous life in another city, perhaps a new job, new friends, and a new home and community. It’s all unknown at this time, but I am determined to create a life I love, and have people around me who are supportive. The program has facilitated relief in areas that have been a concern throughout my life, and has given me a new perspective about my true self and True North and the ability to more readily read the messages of my body to make choices that serve me. I’m taking my power back and not feeling guilty about it!!!”"


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