You're an authentic, entrepreneurial empath

Healers, coaches, facilitators and teachers, like you, want to make a difference. You have the tools to connect into your flow state - the state where your wildest dreams are revealed and manifested, but what happens when...

You're ready to share your message and gifts with a larger audience, but...

  • You fear you'll become overwhelmed with new responsibilities
  • You fear you won’t be able to receive money/energy for being who you truly are (rather than for just what you do)
  • You fear you'll make all of the wrong decisions as you move forward
  • You fear you'll be criticized/judged/attacked as you share your truth

Maybe you've tried...

  • Increasing your social media posts, or launching e-mail campaigns and webinars, but your not getting the engagement you expected.
  • Following business coaches who:
    • Fill their programs with a broad mix of participants with different businesses at different stages of maturity
    • Have a "proven" strategy that either feels inauthentic, or the plethora of information feels so overwhelming that you're not sure where/when to implement

In summary, you haven’t been able to use your marketing to reach the people who resonate with your message most, and/or get the type of support needed to make yourself known.

Here's what you may not have realized...

Lightworkers, like you, have lived many lives where you were persecuted, or killed - just for being yourself and shining your light. 

The challenge, however, is that if this trauma is not healed, your ego will work to protect you from stepping further into your true self and sharing your message with others - which often shows up as fatigue and exhaustion, and/or back/hip/shoulder/neck/jaw pain, as well as shutting down and isolating. 

If your marketing efforts and related support does not address shifting this energy, you'll have trouble radiating a confidence that engages your ideal clients. 

I've been where you are, and it's okay.  Everything will fall into place...

I'm Kelly.  After a 20+ year corporate career to start a coaching business, I invested in my own development and learned what it took to run a business.  Healing work brought new levels of awareness and confidence in my gifts, but when it came to expanding my reach and making my work known, I just didn't feel like doing all the marketing activities  I'd learned about.  

I wondered, "Without having more energy and doing more, how will I ever support myself and feel fulfilled doing what I enjoy?"

Engaging the right type of support allowed me to have compassion for my journey. 

Healing lifetimes of trauma just for being you and standing in your power involves surrounding yourself with people who can hold a safe space for this dense energy to transmute so you can move forward feeling lighter and carefree. Would you like to experience this kind of support - so you can feel safe experiencing your dream coming true?

What would it be like… feel safe expressing yourself without worrying what others will think, say, or do? feel expansive and confident sharing your message and gifts with those who appreciate it and find it helpful to their own journey? receive the prosperity you deserve for who you are rather than for just what you do?

Let's take this journey together... Introducing "Your Wildest Dream"

A 10-week transformational program for entrepreneurial empaths who are ready to make themselves known to their ideal clients so they can experience fulfillment and joy while attending to their financial wellbeing.

This program is not about participating in lectures on the types of marketing activities that have worked for other types of entrepreneurs, only to leave you overwhelmed and left to do it all on your own. 

This program is about completing a key marketing experience during each module - and with the support of other empaths. Experience your dream fulfilled within the context and structure of designing a signature marketing experience that honors your whole-self: mind, body, spirit and heart.  It's about tuning into your own inner wisdom's guidance to identify the steps to connect with your ideal clients with more ease and joy. At the end of the program, you'll also be able to deliver this experience and direct potential clients to the ways in which they can connect with you further.  

When you join "Your Wildest Dream"...

You’ll participate in a set of experiences to complete: 

  • Your Hero's Journey Story that you can use to insert into training/speaking engagements:  During the kickoff, you'll reveal your hero's journey so you can present yourself as an engaging storyteller as you share your experiences in various types of marketing content and vehicles (interviews. blogs, webinars...)
  • An invitation to your Signature Marketing Experience (Webinar/talk that you can use to communicate your offers): During Module 1, you'll reveal your vision, mission and the ideal clients that you can best serve with your message and gifts - ultimately, drafting an invitation that comes from the heart and attracts those who want to connect (and buy) from you. 
  • A bio that you can use to secure speaking engagements and include in publications: In Module 2, you'll draft a bio, that reflects the space and experience you create for participants, so introduce yourself within an invitation to your signature marketing experience
  • Map of your Signature Marketing Experience (Webinar/talk where you can communicate an offer): In Module 3, you'll design and deliver an engaging signature marketing experience (can be used online, or in-person) that includes a call to connect further with potential clients
  • Sales page to a program offer (even if you don't yet have a program defined): In Module 4, you'll draft a sales page for a low, or high-ticket program that supports your lifestyle, and sharing your message and gifts
  • Draft Launch Plan - including scheduling your SME via my MeetUp Group (Lightworkers of Boulder & Beyond) which is at 740+ members: In Module 5, you'll have an opportunity to identify the social media platforms and marketing funnels that will support the launch of your Signature Marketing Experience, and review next steps to deliver your signature marketing experience.
  • Transform any frozen energy that presents itself as you move forward with sharing your unique light, message, and gifts. Throughout the program, as you connect with your true self and power, resistance tends to arise to show you the denser energy that is ready to be released. This is a small group container so that participants will see that this is a normal part of the process and they are supported throughout (not to mention brings some relief when released!)

Throughout this 10-Week Program...

You'll participate in:

  • 4 private, 60-minute customized coaching/healing sessions* to honor and transmute any energetic patterns that arise that are holding you back
  • 6 small group, 2-hour live transformational experiences* with other Lightworkers who honor your vision and message:
    • Welcome ceremony to open our circle followed by facilitated exercises to reveal your hero's journey so you can tell the story to your future audience
    • 4 modules designed to provide a structured framework to reveal your dream and your message so you can launch and deliver a webinar that attracts your ideal clients
    • Closing ceremony and time to address questions and confirm next steps to experience your wildest dream

You'll have access to the following resources:

  • Workbook, with templates, to support you on the journey
  • E-mail access for questions that arise specific to moving forward in the program
  • An online community room (Private Facebook Group) for connections and collaboration
  • Special savings for Kelly C. Mullen in-person and online events, and 1:1 coaching packages

You'll benefit from several bonuses:

  • Market and deliver experience (online) to Lightworkers of Boulder & Beyond (745+ members)
  • Recognition in Lightworkers of Boulder & Beyond newsletter (745+ members)
  • Optional:  Interview can be arranged during your webinar and recorded to promote future deliveries

* All online experiences will be led via Zoom.

Your Wildest Dream Program

You've done the healing work to let go of what is no longer serving you. As a result, different aspects of your wildest dream are starting to reveal themselves. Sometimes these dreams can seem too big, or too "out there" and that can stop us in our tracks. But what if this dream could help so many people? Isn't it time to give it the attention it deserves? If you haven't already booked your complementary "Your Wildest Dream" discovery call, click on the link below to schedule, and let's confirm whether this program is a fit.

8 Weeks to Revealing Your Wildest Dream


Pay in Full

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8 Weeks to Revealing Your Wildest Dream


2 Monthly Payments for total of $2097

Register Today!

Here's how to start connecting with your ideal clients and increasing your cash flow...

Class sizes are kept to a small group with similar dreams and challenges so it's important that we're a match! If you resonate with me and this program, here's what I encourage you to do next....

Step 1:  Schedule a complimentary discovery call where we can connect and see if I can offer the right type of support for your journey

Step 2:  If we decide to work together, I'll send you a coaching agreement to sign and you'll pay either the full amount, or select the payment plan. 

Step 3:  I'll then send you a link to schedule your first private coaching/healing session and we'll review the start date for group sessions.

This program is for (aspiring) entrepreneurial empaths who want to share their message and gifts with a wider audience

This program is a perfect fit if you dream of...

  • Navigating stressful situations with ease
  • Unconditionally loving relationships (partners, friendships, family...)
  • Expressing your creativity - gifts, talents, message - aligned with your purpose
  • Sharing those gifts, talents, and message with your community in a way that allows you to experience feelings of abundance

This program is NOT a fit if...

  • You are resistant to the mind-body connection, and experiencing the emotional and spiritual aspects of healing and growth
  • You are looking for answers outside of your own inner wisdom
  • You are consistently clear about what you need and want
  • You are looking for a coach who tells you that you need "to work harder" in order to experience the life you want to live

Now is the perfect time...

Your empathic presence and message is important. It's your turn to be seen and heard so that your ideal clients can be inspired to receive support for their own journey.

Why wait to experience...

  • Relief from overwhelm and exhaustion and energetic blocks that can get in the way of your dream
  • Support from a group of individuals who share a similar vision for the world
  • Some fun as you take steps on your journey and connect with those who need your message and gifts most
  • Results from your marketing efforts so you can receive the abundance you deserve and continue to express your creativity with confidence


Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the size of each program offering, dates and pace can have some degree of flexibility to meet the needs of the group.  The purpose of extending the courses and private sessions over ten weeks is so that participants have time to integrate healing/coaching sessions as they move forward with new content and to complete the program offering they design that is aligned with the signature marketing experience they complete during each course. 

The program is designed to address any denser energy that surfaces as a result of moving forward on your path and following your heart's desire.  If you use all of your private sessions before the end of the program, you will be able to purchase additional individual coaching sessions at $199 each, or a package of four at $557 for a 30% savings. 

Refunds are not available under any circumstances. The best way to determine if this program is a fit for you is to schedule a free "Reveal Your Wildest Dream" discovery call.  

Classes will be recorded, however, to receive the most value from the program, you are encouraged to attend live.  The benefit of a relatively small group is that every effort will be made to identify dates and times that work with everyone.  

Are you ready to follow your heart's desire?

Let's connect! Schedule a "Your Wildest Dream" discovery session. We'll have an opportunity to clarify your current dream and learn the extent to which you are playing safe, or if it's your wildest. I can then offer some resources and determine if we're a fit to work together.

""Coaching with Kelly was a breath of fresh air. Our sessions were perfectly organic – unfolding in a beautiful flow of mind/body meets thought work. She is both a gentle and insightful coach and her playful way of guiding helped me learn something wonderfully new about myself during each session.  I am a huge fan!""

R. H.
Life Coach

"My coaching experience with Kelly was incredibly beneficial to me. In particular, the one thing that has changed is how I deal with tension in my body. Although I have been aware for a long time that tension in the body always is an indication of some underlying issue that needs to be addressed, the techniques that I used (massage, meditation) were not effective. It wasn't until Kelly guided me through a series of steps that I was able to go to the source of the physical pain and find relief.  Kelly's approach is gentle yet focused. She keeps you on target and metaphorically holds your hand when you are feeling most vulnerable.  The result is a more confident, relaxed me who is able to focus my energy on pursuing my life's purpose."

Life Coach

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