What if your marketing efforts flowed with ease?

Create a fun-fulfilled experience that supports your mission and allows you to connect with your community!


Dear Healers and Coaches, 

Do you want to grow your community and increase your clientele, yet find it challenging to get your message out so your ideal clients can find you?

As Lightworkers (healers, coaches...), it can be challenging to articulate what we do, and it's often overwhelming to secure, and prepare for, speaking engagements where potential clients can get to know us and learn more. On top of that, our empathic nature can lead to exhaustion, and I won't even get into the past-life persecution trauma that pops up when we take steps to shine our light in the world (oh wait - I just did!).

So how can you market yourself and services in a way that feels authentic to who you are, and can be done with ease?

Check out this free online course where you'll have an opportunity to create and hold a space to connect with your inner wisdom and know the power you hold to learn, grow and flow in the direction of your calling - and that includes learning how you can get your message out and build your community! In this gathering, you'll be provided with the content needed to determine whether creating and launching a "Playshop" (it's like a workshop, only it's done in a way that doesn't feel like work - for facilitator and participants alike!) is something you'd like to explore.

What do you say?

Let's follow our hearts (even in our marketing) so others will want to join in and support our important missions!

Upon completion of this course, you'll be prepared to:

Identify the common challenges healers and coaches face in getting their message out and promoting their services so you'll feel empowered to address what applies to you 

Identify the ways leading a workshop (or Playshop!) can provide opportunities to grow your community and increase your clientele


Identify the elements of a successful Playshop (that you can put into use right away!)

Take advantage of an opportunity to launch a Playshop (even if you don’t have a topic and aren’t sure where to start!)

This course is NOT for those…

  • who are not willing to tune into their inner wisdom’s guidance
  • looking for an “expert” to tell them what they “should do” next
  • only interested in providing lectures to their audiences
  • who aren’t willing to play and see what their playshop might look like and be open to launching it within three months from the training date

Meet Kelly 

This course was developed by Kelly C. Mullen, founder of Lightworkers of Boulder & Beyond and owner of Whole-Self Wisdom. Kelly combines her 20+ years of experience in corporate training and development with her seven years of energy healing and coaching (including shamanic healing, mind-body/somatic coaching, Reiki, and Tension Release Exercise - TRE) to provide a perspective on how Lightworkers can create experiences that allow them to share their gifts and grow their communities - with ease, connection and joy!

Pricing Options

Review the benefits and takeaways below and choose how you want to participate.

Grow Your Community Leading Playshops (Online Course)


  • Identify challenges to promoting yourself & your services so you can address what applies to you
  • Identify the ways Playshops can grow your community and increase your clientele
  • Identify elements of a successful Playshop that you can immediately apply
  • Take advantage of an opportunity to launch a Playshop (even if you don’t have a topic and aren’t sure where to start!)
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Grow Your Community Leading Experiences online course

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Identify the key barriers to maintaining your momentum and how you'll address them

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Grow Your Community Leading Experiences Online Course

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