Break Through the Resistance

I might've written about this before, but it keeps popping up, and I keep learning!

Resistance - It can show up in all sorts of ways, but for me, it's a lack of motivation with a dash of self-pressure: "I should..." or "I have to..."  

This presents a "problem" as I have a long list of items on my "To Do" list—many that I've started and really want to accomplish, yet can't seem to finish.  It would actually be easier if I had an excuse like, "I don't have time," or "I don't have a good space to write," or "The technology is not working," but I don't.  The ego loves excuses, but what happens when you don't have one? 

I shared my frustration about publishing a book of poems (based on the healing experiences that took place while transitioning from corporate to self-employment) with a coach who replied, "The resistance is an indication that energy is shifting. You're publishing a piece of your soul, and if you weren't feeling resistance, the book wouldn't be carrying much energy."

Well, there must be a lot of energy in this book!  While the initial writing flowed with ease, the process of editing, writing an introduction (who did I write this for and why?) and author bio (who was I?) proved more challenging. I thought I was almost done, but then I stepped into a caregiving role for a couple of years.  When I returned to the process of publishing the book, I realized that I wanted to make additional changes and more resistance showed up.  As a result, I not only jumped into a few more healing experiences, but I hired someone to give it a review, and engaged another coach to help me with a book launch.  Today, all that is needed is to update and submit the edits to the publishing company—except that I'm feeling more resistance. 

So how can you move forward to completion, when you don't feel like it? 

Here's some steps that I'm taking to break through the resistance.  See if they resonate with you and let me know how it goes!

1. What if it was okay?

The opposite of resistance is acceptance. When you notice yourself saying, "I should be.." or "I have to..." it's okay. Shift the thought to "I'm feeling resistance to (doing my To Do list) and that's okay." 

How does that "okayness" feel in your body?  

2. What if you had some support? 

One of the ways you can get back into the flow is to gain a new perspective.  What if the resistance just means that energy is shifting?  What if it reveals that you're on the right track and what you're resisting will serve you?  

Asking these questions can be enough to relax and receive inspiration on your next step, but if it's not enough to break through the resistance, reach out for support.  My coach's words ("Authorship is a quantum step in choosing to be seen on the planet") connected me to why I'm writing in the first place and lifted my frequency a bit to get back in the flow.  

3. What if there was nothing you needed to do?

When I'm not feeling inspired, I'll go through my list and see what feels doable. If nothing pops out, I might pretend that there's nothing that I need to be doing and savor the moment.  Alternatively, I'll find something (a small step) about a project that involves some creativity.  For example, when it comes to writing a blog post, I'll search for a photo that captures the essence of my intention. Sometimes, that's all it takes to get me into the flow and I can start writing. 

4. Appreciate (even celebrate!) the small accomplishments

I recently posted an offer for Reiki distance healing sessions to my social media accounts. The first thought I typically have when I'm posting about a healing modality that is not yet mainstream is, "What will "they" think/do?" There is an old fear pops up, and yet, I post it anyway. Noticing and moving through the fear in order to align with my intention to be of service is something to celebrate (usually with chocolate, or listening to music)! It's a continuation of the healing process and it gets easier each time. 

What's on your "To Do" list?  Are there projects and tasks that you've really wanted to complete, yet don't feel like doing them? 

Whether it's publishing a book, or sharing other gifts—the world could use your empathic voice to inspire others to follow their heart. Hopefully, the tips above can get you started on your own, but if you're feeling too stuck to move through the resistance, I invite you to schedule a free Freedom to Flow Discovery Call, where we'll gain clarity on your biggest dream and challenge, review your questions and resources to get you started, and see if we're a fit.  


“I have been attending Kelly's "Writing in Community" group for weeks and wish to speak to how inspiring and supportive it has been to me. Kelly has a remarkable ability to open the circle with meditations that evoke inner wisdoms and cause us to expand. Our writings become that much more deep and rewarding. Bonus: we get to meet others and we have noticed how we each add our own spark to the "field" which has become a place of friendship support. I encourage you to give it a try!”

Susan Grace


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