Worried You Haven't Done Enough?

What will happen if you don't do...enough?  What will happen if you aren't...enough? 

As an Empath, you want to make a difference—to be of service. You can see all of the needs going unmet and want to ease the world's suffering, and yet it can all seem overwhelming. There are just so many needs going unmet!

You may already have a lot on your plate and still believe you're not doing enough, or maybe you aren't clear on where to focus your energy and the self-pressure is weighing you down.  Either way, Empaths tend to take on responsibilities beyond those that are theirs to take on because one of their superpowers is the ability to attune to the needs of those around them!

If this sounds like you, you’re well aware of the risks of taking on responsibilities that are not yours to take on—to your health, purpose/career/finances, and relationships. 

What you may not be aware of is the extent to which you’re measuring your “success” based on others' expectations.  If those measures are not aligned with your own well-being, Anger will show up—until you suppress it, which then invites Shame to protect your boundaries (isolating you from others) with thoughts like, "you aren't doing enough," or "you've done something wrong."  

These are the types of thoughts that can weigh you down.  So how can you release the pressure, and get to the truth of your story—one that feels lighter and free? 

Can you imagine the steps you might take from that space of freedom?

Some will say that focusing on your story can keep you stuck in the past.  I can see where they're coming from, but my hunch is that they are referring to the thoughts, that you continue to believe, that are no longer serving you. 

There's another way, and it's through empowered storytelling where you can reveal key truths that can help you see how you've been supported, the unique gifts that you offer, and ultimately the meaning in the transformation that took place so you can move forward with confidence.

In order to reveal this empowered journey, you'll need:

  1. A safe space - Families and communities have gathered around the warmth and power of a fire the world over, but any beautiful space where you can relax will do—perhaps light a candle, or two?
  2. Safe faces - Do you have a supportive individual, or more, who can listen with grounded neutrality and an awareness of their own reactions?  If not, can you turn on your curiosity and become a non-judgemental witness to your own experiences?
  3. Intention - With the prior conditions in place, it makes it easier to relax and access the truth of your inner wisdom. Set an intention to connect with your inner wisdom for an empowering story. 
  4. Story structure - You can then refer to the different stages a character goes through in Joseph Campbell's Monomyth (known as the Hero's Journey story structure) and create a series of writing prompts. The set of prompts can help you capture the turning points and events that reveal your strengths, and gain a new perspective on how you’ve grown.  Here's a few you might include:
    • More than anything, she yearned to…

    • She thought she had time to get it all done, until the unexpected happened…

    • Along the way, she became known to the people who needed her talents and skills most - people who were …, but hoped to…

What would it be worth to you to have the right type of support to reveal your empowering journey so you can see a new perspective that feels lighter and free? 

Following the steps above is a great start to reveal a truer— more empowering—story than the one you may be telling yourself.

If you'd like some additional support to shift out of the stories that keep your energy dispersed (judging the past, or worrying about the future) and into a new perspective that honors your journey and clarifies your purpose, check out my 4-week Reveal Your Empowered Journey writing program for Empaths.


“I have been attending Kelly's "Writing in Community" group for weeks and wish to speak to how inspiring and supportive it has been to me. Kelly has a remarkable ability to open the circle with meditations that evoke inner wisdoms and cause us to expand. Our writings become that much more deep and rewarding. Bonus: we get to meet others and we have noticed how we each add our own spark to the "field" which has become a place of friendship support. I encourage you to give it a try!”

Susan Grace


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