Conflict, and the Fear You'll Be Persecuted

We're counting down the top four fears of an Empath.  If Fear #4 is "Freezing, and the Fear You Won't Have Choices," Fear #3 is Rejection, and the Fear You Won't be Supported, Fear #2 is Failure, and the Fear You Won't Make the "Right" Decisions, then what is the #1 fear of Empaths?

Fear #1:  Conflict, and the fear you'll be persecuted

Persecuted - What a harsh term! It harkens back to the days of the Inquisition, the Holocaust, and witch hunts. And yet, we're seeing it play out today ( defines persecution as the act of harassing or oppressing a person or a group of people, especially because of their identity).  People are still being criticized, attacked, arrested, judged, sentenced, confined, and even murdered just for being who they are, just for speaking and living their truth. 

Even if you're not experiencing persecution in this lifetime, it can be triggering for the old soul of an Empath to witness others' suffering, as well as the cruelty and harm that's taking place on so many levels.

Do you ever wonder why you just can't get that book written and published, share an art project, or launch that social media campaign about you and your business/creations? 

Fragments of past life memories - being persecuted when you were just trying to let people know about the power they hold, shine your light on a new way of seeing and being, or facilitate healing for those in the community - can remain in your field.  If left unhealed, a cue from the environment can trigger your nervous system to respond as if the danger from the past is now present, by fleeing (isolating), fighting, or shutting down. 

Intuitively, instinctively, you're meant for expansion - to express yourself and your gifts, but then there would be "too much" power on display.

This power is uncomfortable for those who want to take a stranglehold (you getting on without them), and so they will do what they can to prompt a contraction.  They just don't know that they have the power to care for themselves, so they'll create some unrest. And this unrest keeps everyone on their toes - looking out. 

But in the alertness, your power starts to move out from your body, to your mind, and then sometimes it leaves the body entirely to merge with them - so you can understand what they are thinking (Why are they saying/doing this?), so you can figure out what you could say, or do, to stay safe, and prevent harm, or suffering.

That way, you won't have to feel it too.  And in all of the rescuing, you take another's power by assuming their responsibilities, and then you are in the war where you'll need to protect yourself. You'll put on some armor, particularly around your heart where it's difficult to receive and let unconditional love come in.

So how can you express yourself, make yourself visible, and open to receiving love and appreciation - when the danger's still there, when the past-life triggers pull you into all of the conflict, between the contraction and your expansion? 

To find a way to stay out of the war - of power taking and giving it away in the hopes you'll be safe - you can find your power, your strength, in taking responsibility, for yourself.  This involves coming into your body, where transformation occurs, shifting from contraction to expansion, where it will feel safe to receive love and appreciation.

Creating the Conditions for Receiving

You are a rock star - of the earth, and of the stars.  

You came to radiate light on the earth where there is so much conflict.  You're like a warrior too, but involved in a different kind of engagement.  In this time, you can be yourself.  You can just show up, bringing your awareness to what needs enlightening. You can just keep planting seeds, letting people know, through your example, that they are worth expanding. 

So here's the strategy: 

  1. Find a safe space and set your intention. Perhaps you can intend to learn, What is mine to know, say, and do in this situation?
  2. Become a witness. What do you notice with your:
    • Body?  Are there any wounds? Where is the tension? What are the physical sensations you are experiencing?  
    • Mind?  What thoughts are popping up?  Are there any "shoulds" or "have tos"? These are signs you may have a conflict between body and mind. 
    • Emotions?  What are you feeling emotionally?  If you are feeling fear, can you ask it, Is the danger real?
    • Soul?  Instead of taking on another's responsibility, you can ask your soul, What is mine to know, say, or do in this situation?  
  3. Acknowledge all that you are releasing.  With any tension, thoughts can arise around what needs fixing, but when you notice the sensations of your tension and see them as a sign of all that is releasing, you heal the conflict within - between the body's experience and the limited information the mind's been receiving.
  4. Transfigure.  When you're radiating your light, you don't need armor for protection. You can shine your light, allowing a new group to recognize it and share theirs with you, while you're receiving. 

From the outside, it may look like you aren't doing anything, but the witnessing is like a flashlight that facilitates a healing frequency, that usually results in feeling. And in the feeling, you can notice your body. And in noticing the physical sensations, you can acknowledge what is releasing - for yourself and for the collective. And then there will be less conflict within.  You'll minimize your chances of getting pulled into the unrest - only doing what is yours to say, or do.  And then you'll feel safe to express your gifts, while receiving love and appreciation.

Applying tools to remain in your power in the midst of conflict is a key objective in my Freedom to Flow program. If you'd like to learn more, I invite you to schedule a free Freedom to Flow Discovery Call with me.  During this time, we'll gain clarity on your biggest challenge, review resources that can get you started, and see if we're a fit.  I look forward to connecting with you!

Thank you for your service!


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