Don't Fit In?

It makes me smile when I hear a new client say something along the lines of, "I so resonated with your website and just felt that I needed to reach out to you."

If they only knew what it took for me to get to the point of sharing the copy that's on my website, especially my Home and About pages!

To attract the clients I could best serve, I needed to write—and then share—an authentic expression of my journey, including my experiences in the "Ordinary World" where I spent...

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Conflict, and the Fear You'll Be Persecuted

We're counting down the top four fears of an Empath.  If Fear #4 is "Freezing, and the Fear You Won't Have Choices," Fear #3 is Rejection, and the Fear You Won't be Supported, Fear #2 is Failure, and the Fear You Won't Make the "Right" Decisions, then what is the #1 fear of Empaths?

Fear #1:  Conflict, and the fear you'll be persecuted

Persecuted - What a harsh term! It harkens back to the days of the Inquisition, the Holocaust, and witch...

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