I'm not religious, but...

A long time ago, a baby was born. It was a beautiful scene with a couple who welcomed it into the world, knowing that more light (higher consciousness) and unconditional love could be expressed.

Was this baby raised in an environment feeling loved, just for existing, and being who they are? Did this baby feel special, while growing in ways to experience how their specialness was interconnected with all other beings' specialness on Earth? Was this baby supported and mentored in ways that would help it build strength (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) so it would have the confidence to express its gifts with a healthy balance of masculine and feminine energy—especially in a culture that actively suppressed the feminine? Throughout its life, did this baby remain connected to ancestors who could see through its eyes and feel what it felt so they could offer support when asked, and cheer it on in moments of excitement and joy? 

Now that we're in the midst of the holiday season, you might be thinking this introductory story and the questions that follow are about Jesus, but what if you read it again with you in mind?

If you said "no" to any of the questions listed above, you're not alone. Life on Earth involves navigating our way through the light and the dark, which means confronting the social conditioning that's been marinating in competition, lack, and power through domination. The extent to which our parents and ancestors made decisions aligned with this conditioning, was the degree to which they believed it was necessary to survive—which often resulted in a disconnection from Self, the earth, and others—which feels stressful! 

The question that each of us can now ask ourselves is this:  Will we make decisions aligned with this conditioning, or will we choose environments, relationships, and experiences that feel more authentic and empowering?

Thankfully, there are babies who can remind us of who we really are.

Have you been in the presence of one lately? If you've been the primary caregiver of one, you are well aware that babies have many needs. To care for a baby is one of the most stressful roles one can take on, but what you may have also experienced is that all it takes to shift the energy is to see a baby's smile.

Can you feel the unconditional love they are exuding?  Can you see how valuable they are without doing anything?

I'm not religious, but...

...when I intend to connect with the energy of Jesus, this is what it feels like. In this unconditional loving energy, it feels safe to relax, to let my guard down, to smile, to come into the present moment where it's easier to question the beliefs that are no longer serving me, to see the choices available, and the ways in which I am deserving—for no other reason than that I exist. 

For some, just imagining a baby's energy is enough to bring you back into balance; however, others may need more support, and if that sounds like you...

...I invite you to invest in yourself. Find a time on your calendar and sign up for a reiki session, or similar modality that can bring you back into a state of connection—where it feels safe to receive.

If you'd like to schedule a reiki session with me, I'm offering a "Holiday Season First Session Special" for only $47 when purchased in 2022. 

I love facilitating reiki. Not only does it bring relaxation to clients (as well as relief from pain, overwhelm, anxiety, and sleep issues...), but I also get a chance to experience this unconditionally loving life-force energy flow through me, and I leave the session feeling lighter. It's a wonderful way to experience the flowing energy of giving and receiving where I start the session asking the client about their intention, they share it with me, and then we see, and feel, how it all unfolds. In addition, I often learn a lot from the intuitive messages that come through to support the client on their journey (which is often similar to my own!)

To learn more, and purchase a session, go to www.kellycmullen.com/Reiki-Healing.  You can then click here to schedule a date in 2022 and beyond.  

Thank you for being apart of this community! May you receive many blessings this season, and gift yourself many moments to connect with your mind, body, spirit, heart!


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