The Receiving Ceremony


There are so many needs that an empath can see and sense.  They are attuned to these needs in a way that others are not.  Their sensitivity to others’ needs is so important and a gift for all of humanity.  They have the competence that is needed. They have the ability to make everything better.

And yet this is not their true journey. It is not always theirs to make better.  The journey unfolds in a series of initiations where the empath uncovers layers upon layers of what was once expected. The layers, heavy, like wool blankets, one after the other on top of her back, become so heavy that she walks looking down at the ground. And from this view, she no longer see others’ needs.  She can only see her feet.

So that is were she starts.  She walks onto the soil with bare feet, and asks her feet what they need.  They say they’d like to take a rest by the lake, to put them in it, and feel the cool water releasing the pressure that had been put upon them.

Slowly she begins to look up a bit more and a blanket falls to the ground. She can see her hands as she walks swaying back and forth. What did they need?

Her hands say they need to write - they want to move a pen on the paper and see what stories want to be told.  There were so many stories of all the needs she’d met - how she’d address them no matter the danger, or threat.

So she found a pen and some paper and began writing the tales of all the times she saw a need and all the times she met those needs with competence. And as she wrote, one of the blankets falls off her back and she is able to sit up a bit straighter.  Her head still looking down, but now at her heart.

The heart can be felt with pitter patters. Sometimes it races so quickly, especially during the times when she is tending to everyone’s needs, but she rarely notices because she is so focused externally. 

But now, she can see her heart - alone - yet at the center of her body.  It was demanding some attention. What did it want to say? 

The heart told her, nay screamed, “Hey, what about me?  What about my needs?”  This question created confusion. What did it mean?  Was it safe to ask what the heart needs? How would others react to this new way of being?

That is the question dear empath. Sometimes, in all of the giving, it does not feel safe to ask what you need and want, nor does it feel safe to receive.  So how can an empath feel safe in receiving?

The Receiving Ceremony

Step 1:  Gratitude.  The first step in feeling safe to receive is to give thanks for all that you have been given (e.g. the gift of life, a safe home, internet…). How does that feel in your body?

Step 2:  Self-Hug.  Now that it feels safe to receive, criss-cross your hands over your biceps and receive a hug.  Receive this gift from yourself and listen for a helpful message. What do you hear?  Perhaps it’s something like, “I am safe,” or “I am home,” or “It’s safe to be here.” 

Step 3:  Self-Care.  Imagine yourself in a beautiful garden. This garden represents you in your perfect wholeness.  From this place of wholeness, ask yourself, “What do I need to care for myself?”  Perhaps an image comes to mind. What does this image mean?  What is your next step to care for yourself?

Step 4:  Transfigure. With attention to your self-care needs, you can become a healing presence of light.  From this space, give yourself a moment to experience your Divine Light flowing through you. Feel all of your cells throughout your body receiving this light.  Next, radiate this light out beyond your body.  Like a star, there is no need to send this light to others, though you may invite anyone you’d like into this field of light. This takes no effort, as you are simply radiating your true nature.

And with this ceremony, so many needs are met.

Thank you for your service.


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