The Warrior in a Baby's Body

When I asked mySelf what story wanted to be told, I got...

Please tell the tale of how you were a strong warrior in a baby's body. Tell them about the time your parents placed you in a high chair at the restaurant, and out came your bellowing laugh.  The other patrons turned to follow the sound with expressions as if to say, "Did that deep laugh really just come from a baby's mouth?"

When I laughed again, and they saw that it did, a contagious laughter spread through.  And with that, the dense energy in the room dissipated - in one full swoop. 

No one knew that in their relaxation, they created an expansion.  The denser emotions, that they'd held in contraction, now had room to move through.  They just knew they felt better - in one full swoop. 

What a gift to bring to the world.  No sword was needed to fight through all of the dense energy. I just did what any baby would do - being a light in the room. 

Every child comes in with this gift (I just happened to have the specialty of a bellowing laugh). Can you imagine being held in love before you were born and then coming out with this unconditionally loving presence?  I mean, what else would you do? 

The challenge comes when the baby (or child, or adult) is faced with "The Turnaways." 

That's what I'm calling all of the times when the adults around them had too much going on, too much on their minds, keeping them in contraction - so much so that they just couldn't receive this loving energy.  It would mean relaxing, which would mean expanding into their true selves, which would mean the denser emotions that had been held in contraction would rise to the surface and move through.  Change would occur energetically, and that could mean many things.  Sometimes it's just too uncomfortable. The nervous system would get the cue from this discomfort that, "Something must be wrong." The ego would say, "Let me find a distraction."

The Turnaways can prompt the contractions.  It's scary to be turned away, so it's not surprising when, as a child, you may have developed your gifts of performing, helping, soothing, problem-solving, or even keeping quiet (i.e. "Doing"), in order to maintain a connection with those you were dependent upon. 

The Turnaways suck (literally sucking in energy during the contraction and creating the density), but you've likely got at least a couple of decades of contractions that have led to your own turning away.  That sucks too because then you aren't in a space to receive the loving presence of those around you.  

So how can you quickly recover from The Turnaways and get back to shining your light and feeling safe to be in the presence of others' bright energy?  

Mr. Rogers knew exactly what to do.  In an interview, the director of the film "It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" talked about how Tom Hanks, whose nature it is to engage those around him and to freely use gestures, would need to slow down and become still in order to play Fred Rogers. 

Mr. Rogers must have known about the importance of holding a safe space.  He must have known that children, and adults too, needed to be in a state of relaxation in order to be in a space of expansion.  He must have known that this is what resilience is - being in this expansive state so that the denser energy can move through - It would be too difficult for emotions to flow from a state of contraction.  He must have known that in this expansive state, one can experience connection.  After all, he was the one who said, "If you could only sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you can be to the people you may never even dream of.  There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person."

So here's an invitation for you. 

  • Find a safe space (like Mr. Rogers' neighborhood) where you can slow down and become still (like Mr. Rogers knew how to).  
  • Then from this state of relaxation, ask yourSelf for an image of a time when you brought light into the room.  There was nothing you needed to do.  You're just "Being" you. Who is with you?  What do you notice about their energy, or their faces, while in your presence?

Thank you for your service!

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