Truth be Told

Before my nephew could read and write, we use to write stories together.  I would prompt him with questions (from elements of the Hero's Journey) and then he would tell me what to write down - including a few scenes that would make any reader wonder if his younger sister would ever make it out alive. 

I could've told him, "That's not nice," and asked him to change those scenes, but then what?  Would his tensions be brought to light the next time we collaborated?  Would he learn to keep certain thoughts and emotions to himself?  

His story was one of fiction, and yet you didn't need to be an empath to know that it revealed some truths about what he was feeling. 

Tuning into the emotions in a story is a great way to discern fact from fiction (and empaths are masters at this), but the challenge comes when the stories are so shocking, and scary, that the nervous system can take you into a defense mode (fight, flight, or freeze) - which not only feels overwhelming and draining, but it also makes it challenging to access your inner wisdom.

So how can you discern between fact and fiction, when the news is signaling cues of danger to your nervous system? 

The key is to find your truth.  

When a shocking/scary story comes on the news/social media, and you'd like to feel into the truth of the situation, you can:

  • Notice your surroundings, with all of your senses, and point out the elements of the space that you find beautiful.  It's important to have a safe space where stories can be listened to, and told, so if you're not in love with the scenery, feel free to make a change. 
  • Ask for support. Give thanks to your support team in the invisible realms for holding a safe space for you to notice how you are feeling physically and emotionally. Perhaps you resonate with the NEWS (The Four Directions - North, East, West, South)?
  • From this state of relaxation, you can then listen to/read/tell the stories that you're looking for clarity on, and consider asking yourself: 
    • "Do I need to feel the scariness?" The story, and those telling it, might seem scary, but do you need to feel it? For empaths, it can be hard not to feel that energy, but just asking the question sometimes offers enough distance to see if that choice is indeed available.
    • "Have I made any assumptions?"  If yes, determine whether you need more information, and might ask more questions.  
    • "How do I feel in my body?" According to Bruce Lipton, author of the Biology of Belief, your subconscious mind processes some 20 million environmental stimuli (from the surrounding world and the body's internal awareness) per second while your conscious mind only processes 40 per second.  With so much more information coming to you beyond your conscious awareness, why not ask your body: 
      • "Do the "facts" feel like weakness, or strength, in my body?" If the latter, you're in the frequency of truth. 
      • "Does this thought feel heavy, or light, in my body?"  If the latter, you're in the frequency of truth. 

Hopefully, asking these questions can reveal more of your truth. When you allow yourself to feel the emotions (via sensations in your body) in the stories you're listening to, or the ones you share with others, you align with your truth, and when you align with your truth, your frequency and power increase which brings healing to yourself, which then counterbalances some of the narratives that are circulating and keeping people stuck in the denser energy. 

By the way...Following my nephew's direction, I also wrote, "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah" to fill a page, or two, of his story.  There's probably a key teaching in there somewhere, but for now, it remains a mystery.

Thank you for your service!

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