The Freedom to Flow

Are you feeling these tumultuous times?

Whether you're feeling it on a personal level, and/or at the level of the collective, it can prompt you to focus on all that is happening out there, to stay on alert.

The challenge, however, is that this external focus makes it difficult to remember what you need and want—so you can make empowered decisions that bring more fulfillment, connection and joy into your life.

Some may say that following your heart into what you need and...

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Truth be Told

Before my nephew could read and write, we use to write stories together.  I would prompt him with questions (from elements of the Hero's Journey) and then he would tell me what to write down - including a few scenes that would make any reader wonder if his younger sister would ever make it out alive. 

I could've told him, "That's not nice," and asked him to change those scenes, but then what?  Would his tensions be brought to light the next time we...

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What if everyone trusted their intuition?

People are exhausted and drained. They are tired of all the doing - doing what is expected, and doing it within the expected timeframe. 

Can you relate?

Meeting these expectations is often done at the expense of being your authentic self - lit up and filled with power - including the power to ask yourself what you need and want so you can experience more ease and joy.

Some will say that turning inward to ask what you need and want is selfish, but if you are sacrificing...

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