Reveal Your Purpose Part 1

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to connect with your intuition when it comes to supporting other people, but challenging when it comes to tuning into your own needs and desires? 

One of the biggest challenges that Empath's face is feeling lost and confused about which direction to take.  The last thing you want to do is make the "wrong" decision (due to the risk of feeling others' reactions—anger, fear, or sadness within your own body).

But what if your awareness of...

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What if everyone trusted their intuition?

People are exhausted and drained. They are tired of all the doing - doing what is expected, and doing it within the expected timeframe. 

Can you relate?

Meeting these expectations is often done at the expense of being your authentic self - lit up and filled with power - including the power to ask yourself what you need and want so you can experience more ease and joy.

Some will say that turning inward to ask what you need and want is selfish, but if you are sacrificing...

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