Reveal Your Purpose Part 1

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to connect with your intuition when it comes to supporting other people, but challenging when it comes to tuning into your own needs and desires? 

One of the biggest challenges that Empath's face is feeling lost and confused about which direction to take.  The last thing you want to do is make the "wrong" decision (due to the risk of feeling others' reactions—anger, fear, or sadness within your own body).

But what if your awareness of the fact that you're feeling lost and confused was actually a sign that you're flowing with your life's purpose?

I used to think that in order to live my purpose that I needed to know the type of "work" I should be doing, but I now realize it's more about my awareness of where I am along the journey of transforming into a new way of "being."

As a result, I've learned to see confusion is par for the course for any transformational journey. This helps me to relax into the flow, shifting from a state of contraction to one of expansion where I can see the choices available (i.e. intuition) and can make more empowered decisions. 

How would it feel to start seeing confusion about your purpose as acknowledgement that you're on purpose? 

If this feels empowering to you, here's some additional signs that are apart any transformational journey.  Identify an area in your life (e.g., health, purpose, relationships) that you want to change, and then use the list below to acknowledge where you are (Separation? Initiation? Return?) so you can extend some kindness and compassion toward yourself along the way. 

The Separation

  • Is there something you really yearn for, or if that's not clear, are you noticing any areas in your life where you'd like to experience some relief (e.g., frustrating physical symptoms, overwhelm, fatigue, challenging relationships...)?
  • Is there something blocking your path, or are you feeling stuck? 
  • Have you recently experienced a crisis, or new opportunity, or feel you've outgrown your circumstances?
  • Do you find that you're feeling fear, confusion, anxiety, or self-doubt when you think about the vision, or relief, you're yearning for?
  • Are you noticing patterns of behavior that offer temporary relief (or distraction from feeling emotions), yet they come with consequences? This could include physical activities like eating/drinking too much chocolate/caffeine, or mental activities like worrying about others. 
  • Has a helpful mentor, or teacher, healer/coach/facilitator/therapist shown up to help you commit to a new path so you can receive what you're really yearning for?  This can be someone you meet in-person, or follow on YouTube who inspires you. 

The Initiation

  • Have you committed to the new path that's been revealed?
  • Have you noticed that the new path you're on seems to have people, or circumstances, that seem to be getting in the way of you moving forward?
  • As you've expressed your true Self, has someone challenged/attacked you (physically, emotionally, spiritually...) in person, or online? 
  • Have you noticed signs, or coincidences, that make you feel as though the universe is cheering you on?
  • Have you experienced some significant challenges (including those you thought you might not make it through)?
  • Have you gained some wisdom from recent challenges, or healing experiences?
  • Have you started to meet more people who align with your vision and values? 
  • Have new truths been revealed to you that have empowered you to move forward? 

The Return

  • Do you have concerns about speaking and sharing your truth with others?
  • Have you gained clarity on what you're passionate about and sharing your message with others? 
  • Have you become aware of the ways in which you've grown?

This list can also increase your awareness around the type of support that has helped you to move forward.  That said, given our culture's day-to-day stresses, it can still be challenging to maintain this level of awareness, so I've started hosting the Empowered Voices Writing Group for Empaths.  This event will not only create and hold a safe space for you to experience the healing affects that come with expressing yourself, but it will also allow you to tap into a state of flow where you can tune into your inner knowing and make empowered decisions.   

Click here for access to upcoming events, or to schedule a free discovery call.  


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