Reveal Your Purpose Part 1

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to connect with your intuition when it comes to supporting other people, but challenging when it comes to tuning into your own needs and desires? 

One of the biggest challenges that Empath's face is feeling lost and confused about which direction to take.  The last thing you want to do is make the "wrong" decision (due to the risk of feeling others' reactions—anger, fear, or sadness within your own body).

But what if your awareness of...

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Reveal Your Purpose Part 2

There once was a woman taking a leisurely stroll in nature with another creator being—when all of a sudden, this other being said something that shocked her out of her body.  Her essence went into the other's mind to collect data—to learn what they needed—so that she could do something, to help them. She would do anything before the anger/fear had a chance to escalate.

Once she'd gathered enough intel to know the perfect words to say,...

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Keeping Up with Your Big Dreams

Years ago, I selected the drumming track on my iPhone and journeyed into non-ordinary reality to meet the Spirit of my town.  My intention was to learn what the town needed (so basically, what I needed). 

A masculine energy offered a suggestion for rooting into the ground like an old oak tree.  He sent an image of a tree with wild winds surrounding it—all while it remained calm and steady in the storm. 

I asked why it was so windy in my town, and why these...

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What if everyone you met felt safe?

There is a comfort in being with someone who knows you, who gets who you really are.  There is a kind of language - a telepathy - that requires no effort.  The connection requires nothing from you - to feel, or be, any different.

In this space, it feels safe to let another in - to bond in a way that is needed for these challenging times, to make it through, in an easier way.

These are the kind of times that could make you a hero/heroine for all that you're going...

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What if every space you entered felt safe?

Imagine walking into a dining room with the table set for one, two, three, or more.  It’s like an alter:  Plates, napkins and silverware are all coordinated, yet simple; your favorite flowers are at the center; and the candles on either end have been lit, creating a warm hue throughout the room.  Music plays in the background too, but it’s so soft you almost don’t notice.

How do you feel in this space?

Do you wonder what will happen in this room? Who will...

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How Lightworkers Find Clients & Facilitate Transformation

Healers and coaches get support when they feel stuck, and sometimes that support comes from the invisible realms.  Here's a poem I wrote after a shamanic journey where I asked Grandmother Midwife for her guidance on a new event I planned to host, and how I could fill the room. 

Grandmother Midwife

She appears as a giant



I ask her

what she would like me to know

about her


She lays down in the river

and spreads her legs


The water gushes through,


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