What if everyone you met felt safe?

There is a comfort in being with someone who knows you, who gets who you really are.  There is a kind of language - a telepathy - that requires no effort.  The connection requires nothing from you - to feel, or be, any different.

In this space, it feels safe to let another in - to bond in a way that is needed for these challenging times, to make it through, in an easier way.

These are the kind of times that could make you a hero/heroine for all that you're going through - It can feel scary to think about whose at risk, all you need to do, or who will care for you when you need them to. 

In these times, where there's so many cues of danger, your nervous system might prompt your body to run/avoid, fight, or contract and shut down.  In addition, your brain and body may be holding memories of dangers, from previous times -  cues that trigger, "More protection's needed!"

Nevertheless, these times are changing - and so much change is needed in order to experience a new way of being and to breathe more easily.

This new way of being is not about acting different from who you are.  In fact, this new way of being is an opportunity to reveal your true self - a creator being of light, unfiltered. 

Filters of old programming have skewed the ways of seeing and listening, and this skewed way of seeing and listening makes it difficult to be there for yourself and others. 

So how can you hold a safe space for yourself and others, when these filters of programming exist - especially in scary times?

Holding space simply means becoming a grounded, nonjudgemental witness to whatever's arising and being expressed.  Here are some tips for how you can be this unconditionally loving presence:

  • Create safe spaces of beauty and comfort:  Click here to learn more.
  • Ask yourself, "What am I feeling emotionally?" If you’ve ever been around horses, you know that they are powerful beings. It’s been said that the incongruence between what someone says and what they're actually feeling can spook them into kicking, running, or stepping on you.  In other words, it's safer to acknowledge your fears (e.g. "I'm feeling scared of horses") - your authentic truth - than to suppress them. 
  • Notice your breath:  Empaths - those who can feel others’ emotions as if they are their own - can feel this incongruence as well.  When you can feel someone's fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, or grief, it can feel overwhelming - until you come back to your breath.
  • Ask for support:  There is no need to hold space on your own.  Thank the universe, your guides, ancestors, and mother earth for holding the space for you! 
  • Get into a state of connection:  There's a reason people sing and dance before a ceremony - where energy can be transformed.  In doing so, everyone moves into a state of connection - where you can be in the present moment, let go of past hurts, and be open to receiving the inspiration to express your creativity.  Low-belly breathing, playing wind instruments, humming, singing, dancing, and tension release exercises (to prompt the body's natural ability to shake), are some ways to help your nervous system get to this state, before you attempt to hold space. 

It's an honor to be able to be with yourself, or another, in this way.  Transformation occurs in this space.  At the same time, it takes strength, so it's okay if you need a day off.  It's good to know when you're not up for holding space.

But imagine...

...if everyone had this practice of holding space for themselves and others. 

The benefit would be a lot of tension relief.  Everyone would feel safe to listen to their body’s sensations and become aware of what they're feeling so they could see a truer list of choices available: Dense emotions could be felt and released in a safe way; and thoughts could be questioned to see if they're still true.

With this release of tension, there would be such a massive shift because everyone would then be able to tune into, and follow, their intuition's guidance toward ease and joy.  Their thoughts and actions would line up with feelings of ease and joy, and there would be this sense of congruence - and that would feel safe.   

If you're not feeling up for holding a space for yourself and others, would you like some support?  You're invited to schedule a free Freedom to Flow call.  As a transformational healer, I help empaths experience relief from overwhelm and exhaustion to flowing with their life's purpose. 

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