How Lightworkers Find Clients & Facilitate Transformation

Healers and coaches get support when they feel stuck, and sometimes that support comes from the invisible realms.  Here's a poem I wrote after a shamanic journey where I asked Grandmother Midwife for her guidance on a new event I planned to host, and how I could fill the room. 

Grandmother Midwife

She appears as a giant



I ask her

what she would like me to know

about her


She lays down in the river

and spreads her legs


The water gushes through,

and then a baby

she gives birth to


She says she has given birth

many times before,

and she’s been present

at many more


To bring new life into the world,

she wants me to know -

this midwifery –

It takes place

in sacred space


It’s an important space

to create and hold


She walks over to my side

of the river

with the baby in her arms


She wants me to see her -

this newborn -

up close


I suddenly recall a time

I gathered a baby

from her crib,

and the feeling of surprise by

the unconditional love

that she exuded


I ask Grandmother Midwife

what she wants me to know

about a space

I’ll be holding

for women


Grandmother Midwife

removes the covering

over her baby’s eyes

so I can look into them,

and that’s when

I see one of the women


Grandmother Midwife asks me,

When a baby is born

what does she need?


I reply:

To breathe,

to be held,

to feel her mother’s heart beat,

to have the umbilical cord removed, yet still feel connected,

and to have her cries heard


That is the space

I am to hold

to bring new life into being


I ask her

how I can find these women


She leads me into the river

In bare feet, I stand

looking upstream -

just watching,

as the women are flowing

to me

in their inner tubes


They’re laughing and giggling


I don’t need to climb a mountain

to call out, into the valley

I can stand in the river

watching -

the women flowing

to me


I ask her

to share her wisdom for the group


She steps back into the river

In bare feet, she stands

with the water flowing fast

around her bare legs


She wants us to feel

what it’s like to feel

our feet on the rocks

while the water

flows –

It’s energy moving

all around

our calves, legs, pelvic bowl, body, and heart


She reminds a woman

to remain grounded

in the river,

feeling the flowing energy

all around her


What does holding space for yourself and others feel like to you?  How does that make the journey of transformation flow more easily?   Who is flowing with you?  Include your thoughts below, and/or feel free to reach out to me at kelly@kellycmullen.


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