The Freedom to Flow

Are you feeling these tumultuous times?

Whether you're feeling it on a personal level, and/or at the level of the collective, it can prompt you to focus on all that is happening out there, to stay on alert.

The challenge, however, is that this external focus makes it difficult to remember what you need and want—so you can make empowered decisions that bring more fulfillment, connection and joy into your life.

Some may say that following your heart into what you need and...

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Rejection, and the Fear You Won't be Supported

We're counting down the top four fears of an Empath.  If Fear #4 is "Freezing, and the Fear You Won't Have Choices," then what is Fear #3?

Fear #3:  Rejection, and the Fear You Won't Be Supported

When you consider the fact that all human beings are born vulnerable and dependent upon their caregivers for survival (and for many years), it's not surprising that this fear of rejection, and not getting the support you need when you need it, exists in our collective...

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