The Freedom to Flow

Are you feeling these tumultuous times?

Whether you're feeling it on a personal level, and/or at the level of the collective, it can prompt you to focus on all that is happening out there, to stay on alert.

The challenge, however, is that this external focus makes it difficult to remember what you need and want—so you can make empowered decisions that bring more fulfillment, connection and joy into your life.

Some may say that following your heart into what you need and want is selfish, but imagine how this clarity allows you to expand into a big, golden bubble.  As this light radiates out, not only does your sense of fulfillment and joy affect all of the tumultuousness, but it can make it easier for those people—who resonate with your brighter frequency—to find you.  

At the same time, this bigger bubble makes room for internal stagnant, denser energy to move into this lighter vibration—which can feel...tumultuous.  The physical sensations can be so uncomfortable that it cues a need for protection. Your nervous system may choose a defensive measure—to fight, take flight, or freeze. It can keep you on alert, forgetting to ask yourself what you need and want, where you can maintain this expansive state. 

So how can you experience the freedom to do what you need and want when there's tumultuousness in your outer and inner worlds? 

Similar to breathing in and out, you're always moving from contraction to expansion and back into contraction.  The key is to maintain this flow state so you can feel safe to receive the lighter frequencies, balancing the empath's more typical giving activities.  It's about shifting from the mind's protection to your heart's inner knowing to guide you forward.

The Freedom to Flow Checklist

Complete these four questions to see if you're spending more time in the contractive state, and could use some more flow to receive your most expansive dreams.

1.  Do you feel safe in the spaces you live and work in?

If you’re nervous system has been on alert for quite a while, you may not know what safe feels like, so here are some things to look into: Do you like the lighting? Are the sounds in the room calming? Is there beauty in this space? 

2. Do you feel like you can be yourself with the people you spend time with most?

If you find yourself preferring to isolate from all of the tumultuous energy that other people can bring, you'll probably answer "no."  For many empaths, growing up meant giving away parts of yourself in order to minimize the tumultuousness and maintain connections with caregivers and others, but as an adult, are there people who love and support your authentic self? 

3. Do you know what you need and want?  

For many empaths, their dreams are not clear because it hasn't felt safe to ask what they need and want, or what would be fun. When you can feel others' emotions as if they are your own, it's understandable that you'd focus on others' needs (so that you won't feel their fear, anger, etc.) before your own.  Is your most expansive dream clear?

4. Do you feel you can follow-though on your desires and express yourself with confidence?

If you're still reading this, it's likely that you're an old soul.  Many empaths and lightworkers have experienced prior lifetimes of persecution just for being themselves and shining their light.  Do you feel confident in expressing your gifts, sharing your message, and shining your light?  Do you feel you can receive prosperity just for being yourself?

If you answered "No" to any of the above, my Freedom to Flow Program can help you to:

  • Free yourself from overwhelm, anxiety and exhaustion 
  • Receive support from a community of souls who share your vision for the world, see you in your strength and light, and celebrate your flowing journey
  • Utilize your internal compasses to make empowered decisions that align with your heart's desire, so you'll have the vitality needed to fulfill your purpose
  • Transform fears of being judged for sharing your unique light, message, and gifts, so you can receive the prosperity you deserve 

If these outcomes are of interest to you, check out my Freedom to Flow Program for more details on program components, duration and investment.  I also invite you to schedule a free Freedom to Flow Discovery Call, or e-mail me at [email protected] with any questions.  During the F2F call, we'll gain clarity on your dream and biggest challenge, review your questions and resources that can get you started, and see if we're a fit.  I look forward to connecting with you!


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