What is Real?

One of the key themes that show up in my Land Listening Walks is how participants notice different things. On one walk, some saw a labyrinth up ahead, while I totally missed it. On a different trip, a couple noticed the lilacs, while I was in awe of the dandelions that made the path look like we were following the yellow brick road. 

This is a simple example of how each of us is operating within our own reality. Our reality is shaped by our awareness, and our awareness comes as we perceive through our senses (including the sixth), and our perception is based on our experiences (including past trauma that influences the present) and where we focus our attention.  

Sometimes the lens is zoomed in too close, making it difficult to get the full picture. I believe this view is not only based on past-life and childhood experiences, but the lens that our family and culture have been looking through. To survive, cope, and belong, we've matched our awareness to that lens—but oftentimes, this lens does not fit a more expansive reality that feels true. 

We need to be able to expand this lens. One of the benefits of incarnating on Earth is that we get to experience the contrast between contraction and expansion—and in the process, we reveal our gifts and how we can share them, and receive and share the important wisdom that comes through from those experiences. When people are able to connect with their inner wisdom, they exude an expansiveness that inspires others to follow suit.

But how can you benefit from a broader perspective when it risks expanding beyond the lens of the status quo?

The key to feeling safe, while expanding your perception to include a variety of viewpoints, is to give yourself the space to tune into your own truth.

Tuning into your truth can feel uncomfortable, and even threatening, to the parts of you that have kept you a match to the status quo.  As a result, resistance can show up as a lack of motivation, or distracting behaviors that are no longer serving you. 

When you notice the resistance showing up, get yourself into a safe space (a place of beauty, natural light...), with a supportive person (non-judgmental...), or community (with shared values). From this expansive space, there is more room for various limiting beliefs (that have kept you contracted) to surface, and for the dense emotions associated with those beliefs to come up for release.

As it clears, your filter will become wider—allowing your inner wisdom to come through, and for other perspectives to exist while seeing which ones are true for you.

Does this resonate with you?  If yes, please join Kelly C. Mullen, owner of Whole-Self Wisdom, for an opportunity to gain clarity on your truth through the creative process of intuitive drawing, poetry, and writing. This event will not only create and hold a safe space to clarity what is important to you, but it will also allow you connect with a supportive group that accepts what is real for you!  Learn more and register at: www.kellycmullen.com/Writing



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