Ancestral Support for My…Taxes?

I woke up with tension in my low back, and a weight on my shoulders extending up through my neck - my head heavy with thoughts. 

“I need to finish my tax preparation and get my stuff to the accountant!”

The problem?  I didn’t feel like doing it. Besides feeling tension throughout my body, I noticed I’d become the rebellious teenager who’d rather be doing something fun, and in protest, was going to her room and NOT DO ANYTHING (except check social media accounts).

In short, I felt stuck. 

Of course, the adult me, knew something needed shifting.  I knew it wasn’t really that big of a deal to get this stuff done, and yet I acknowledged the sensations in my body, the frustration I felt, and the behavior I started to follow to avoid doing it. 

So how could I shift from this state of frozen energy, get into the flow, and move forward with next steps? 

My nervous system needed someone to hold a space for me to connect to my body, and e-motions.  From there, while in the flow, I could more easily receive helpful messages from my Whole-Self, and/or my compassionate helping spirits.  Fortunately, I’d scheduled a mind-body/somatic coaching session that allowed me to do just that, and this time, the helping spirit that came through was my father’s grandfather.  

Can you guess his profession?  He was an accountant for the railroad. 

I took out a piece of paper and let myself write down his message.  He’d wanted to “be a poet, for things to be easy, to ride a train and see the countryside, but I had responsibilities.  We lived during the Depression.” 

He said he’d like to help me, if I’d let him.  He said he’d lift some of the burden.  And then he continued to share a story of men who would’ve liked to have been more creative, and how I was healing this trauma - of passions un-lived.   He said the consequences can be short fuses, but that I didn’t need to take that on - I have more freedom (than he did) to choose the energy in front of me.  He ended by saying, "That's all for now.  Thank you for your service."  I put the pen down and felt unconditional love flowing through my body.

After that experience, I decided to create a ceremony for preparing my taxes. 

I lit the candle at my ancestral alter (a simple setup with a candle, flowers, two pins representing each ancestral line and a leaf that shows the lines of the tree that it came from), and thanked my great-grandfather (the accountant-poet) for his support.  

As I approached my to do list, I felt the flow, noticing my completion of one task, and then the next, and then the next - preparing my taxes with ease. 

Would you like some support to tune into the tension and get into the flow?  You're invited to schedule a free Freedom to Flow call.  As a trauma-informed energy healer, I help empaths experience relief from overwhelm and exhaustion so they can follow their heart's desire and fulfill their important missions. 

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