What if everyone lived in abundance, just for being who they are?

I haven’t felt like doing much lately.  My energy level goes up and down, but most of the time it’s slow moving - anything I do takes twice as long as it “should."

I can also feel the tension in my low back which makes everyday chores more delightful (Not!), and did I mention that I just got my period?

When my body feels like it doesn't want to do anything, sometimes I'll listen.  I'll lay down to actually do nothing, until my mind starts doing something.  It starts thinking about all that I "should be doing." I’ll see a plant that needs watering, or recall that the floor needs sweeping, or that paperwork needs processing. Even things I enjoy, and actually want to accomplish, can get into the “should” energy because I have them on my list. 

So what I’m saying is that my body and mind are in conflict, and I wonder if I’m ever fully relaxed. 

Can you relate?

As an entrepreneur, this doesn't feel like a great space to be in.  Thoughts like, "I need clients to support myself, but I need to do more marketing in order for those clients to find me" encircle the mind. 

As an entrepreneurial empath, this is a common place to be in.  Thoughts continue with, "I should complete those marketing activities, but I just don't feel like it. Even things I enjoy, like writing, feel like work." 

All of this conflict can get your defenses up, and this defense posture is not conducive to receiving the abundance you deserve, just for being you.

To shift into a state of receptivity, you'll need to find ways to calm your nervous system - to tell it, “It’s okay. It’s safe to relax. It's safe to receive.”  But how?  How can you relax when there is this conflict, keeping you on alert?

A key theme that recently showed up through my own coaching/healing work revealed the belief: "I can only receive money and abundance if I am doing - particularly doing something that requires giving up a part of my true self in order to get it done.”  I had worked my way through the 20+ year corporate maze of expectations, and had plenty of evidence to reflect that money is easy to come by as long as I (fill in the blank with any expectations that would need to be met outside of my gifts, talents, time, energy, inspiration, sense of fun...).

I started the process of relaxing my nervous system by questioning this belief.  Is it possible to receive the cash flow I wanted - without compromising my vision, mission, values and true nature?  Next, I needed some evidence.

No matter your political views, it’s interesting to see the (re)introduction of concepts around universal basic income/minimum income levels and universal health-care.  Can you imagine if there was a base level of income that everyone received to cover their survival needs - just for being part of this society - just for existing - just for their presence?  Could you imagine if everyone’s healthcare was independent from their employer? What would they be free to be and do?

This is interesting to note, and it opened up my brain to new possibilities; however, I won't be holding my breath for any influence outside of myself to make these changes. 

Instead, I propose the following self-care practice so you can step into your expansive Self (filling space), make your presence known, and receive the abundance you deserve.  

Whenever you're feeling the conflict between what your mind wants and what your body wants, or when you feel triggered by a conflict observed in your external world: 

1.  Create a safe space:  Thank you (Universe/Source/God)...

Start with gratitude so you can create a safe space for the worlds' unprocessed trauma to more easily leave your body. Empaths can tend to take on a lot of this dense energy which feels overwhelming (uncomfortably full!) and leads to exhaustion, but when you start with saying "Thank you...," you can release thoughts of lack and the fear of attacks, which then creates more space for receiving what you desire. 

2.  Hold a safe space:  for the energy I'm feeling...

Without judgement, notice the sensations of your body (e.g. Do you feel a constriction in your heart? Are you feeling like you want to jump out of your body?), then ask yourself what you're feeling emotionally (e.g. Are you feeling anxiety, fear, anger, grief, betrayal?).  Ex. Thank you for the memory of betrayal, and the anger I feel as sensations of buzzing in my arms and hands...

3.  Clear space:  and reminding me how my light has already transmuted this energy for all...

In the process of creating and holding a safe space, you make it easier for the energy that is weighing you down to move through you.  In addition, it's also helpful to recognize that your empathic presence - your individual vibrational frequency - is healing the dense energy that is coming up for healing in the collective. This acknowledgement of your contribution to the good of all can give you another level of compassion for not doing what you "should" be doing because you're feeling exhausted (because actually, you are doing a lot!). Ex. Thank you for the memory of betrayal, the anger I feel with sensations of buzzing in my arms and hands, and reminding me how my light has already transmuted this energy for all.

4.  Fill space: I intend to step further into my expansive Self.

Steps 1-3 can get you into a more relaxed state, so with your defenses down, you're more likely to receive inspiration for how you can best step forward into your expansive Self (suggested intention).  This inspiration may come in the form of self-care activities like taking a nap, or going on a bike ride, or it could come in the form of writing a blog post (Like this one!). The benefit of applying these four steps is that your light then expands beyond your body where it can transmute the collective's unprocessed trauma (rather than transmuting that dense energy within your body). 

When you are relaxed and stepping forward into your expansive Self with your creative expression, you not only make it easier for your ideal clients to find you, but their witnessing of your creating and your creating while being witnessed is what it feels like to live in abundance. 

Imagine if everyone was in a state of relaxation and receptivity.  What would the world look like then?  



P.S.  Would you like more information on how you can receive the abundance you deserve - just for being you? Schedule a free Freedom to Flow discovery call.  As a transformational healer, I help entrepreneurial empaths experience relief from overwhelm and exhaustion to flowing with their life's purpose. 

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