Name Calling

What do you call yourself?  Do you have a title that your clients/employer refer to?  Do you go by a specific role (daughter, mother, brother, wife...) so others know what to expect from you? 

These names, titles, roles have their place.  Sometimes they are helpful so that the right people can find you - turn to you, and yet, a particular title, or role, can also turn into the hooks of expectations and obligations that can lead to overwhelm and exhaustion.  In some instances, the "wrong" job title can also create confusion, or even an unexpected reaction, or projection. 

So how can you stay true to who you are, and what you value, when others may have applied other labels/titles/roles to you?

  1. First, you can get in touch with a name that reflects your true essence. 

Have you ever noticed how names match their person perfectly?  Perhaps it's because you chose the name before you were born.  Perhaps you knew that your name would bring a particular frequency to the planet. 

What if you went by the name for your Higher Self? I've met individuals who've changed their name to the name of their Higher Self because they could sense more of it coming through. If you knew the name for your Higher Self, what would it be?

Inspired by a post from Rebecca Campbell, you can look up the meaning of your first, middle and last name. You can also do this for your Higher Self's name.  From there, summarize the three definitions to reflect a name that resonates with you most.  To find my first and middle name, I used this and to find the meaning for my last name, I used  If you can't find a resource, try writing the response with your non-dominate hand and see what pops up. 

Here's mine: 

Kelly = In Gaelic, means warrior. 

Colleen = In Gaelic, means girl.

Mullen = In Gaelic, means ‘tonsured one’, ‘devotee’ 

With all of this together, I'm giving myself the title "Spiritual Warrior for the Divine Feminine"  (Well, now you know!). 

Not only can this help you to tap into your hero/heroine self when you need it, but this can also be a fun way to introduce people at a zoom meeting, or at a networking event. 

2.  Second, you can identify a title that reflects your purpose and intention. 

Perhaps you have a title that an employer chose for you, but what would you prefer they call you? Perhaps you're an entrepreneur, what is a title that would allow people to easily find you?

After I left my career and role as a "Learning Manager," I became a "Life Coach," but then with more training, that turned into, "Intuitive Coach" and then "Mind-Body Coach."  Later on, I told some people I was a "shamanic practitioner" (which can have all sorts of misconceptions), and then I completed a Tension Release Exercise (TRE) program which came with the title "TRE Provider." After that, I spent 2.5 years as a "caregiver" for my parents, followed by some Reiki classes that led to becoming a "Reiki Master."  On top of all of that, my clients have called me a "Business Coach."  So what in the world do I call myself? 

Here's a fun way to reveal a title that could assist others (those who resonate with you most) in finding you. Note: This is not just for entrepreneurs.

A.  Imagine a group of "your best peeps" seated around you.  You don't have to know who they are. Just know that they LOVE you. What do they want to know about you?

B.  Imagine that it's five years in the future.  What do you want to have been known for so far? 

C.  Imagine a spirit guide/teacher who has the perfect title for you.  If you asked them what it was, what would they tell you?

D.  Review all of the responses above and see if you can come up with a title that resonates with you.  If you're an entrepreneur, you can also consider the results that you offer your clients and your intention while working with them. 

For now, I'm going with "Transformational Healer." I am aware of the various connotations of healer (BTW: I define it as someone who heals themselves so they can be an unconditionally loving presence that facilitates healing by seeing another in their strength and light), but doing this exercise gives me a bit more confidence that whatever came through is what will resonate most with my "ideal clients." There is no "right" or "wrong" answer.  

Don't forget - You can identify the title/role/label that reflects you most at this time, but know that you can always change it when you want to!

Titles/roles/labels have their place, but hopefully, these exercises highlight the power you hold to come back to your essence - where you have the ability to flow through the world with more flexibility. 

Thank you for your service!

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