What if everyone trusted their intuition?

People are exhausted and drained. They are tired of all the doing - doing what is expected, and doing it within the expected timeframe. 

Can you relate?

Meeting these expectations is often done at the expense of being your authentic self - lit up and filled with power - including the power to ask yourself what you need and want so you can experience more ease and joy.

Some will say that turning inward to ask what you need and want is selfish, but if you are sacrificing...

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What if everyone you met felt safe?

There is a comfort in being with someone who knows you, who gets who you really are.  There is a kind of language - a telepathy - that requires no effort.  The connection requires nothing from you - to feel, or be, any different.

In this space, it feels safe to let another in - to bond in a way that is needed for these challenging times, to make it through, in an easier way.

These are the kind of times that could make you a hero/heroine for all that you're going...

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What if every space you entered felt safe?

Imagine walking into a dining room with the table set for one, two, three, or more.  It’s like an alter:  Plates, napkins and silverware are all coordinated, yet simple; your favorite flowers are at the center; and the candles on either end have been lit, creating a warm hue throughout the room.  Music plays in the background too, but it’s so soft you almost don’t notice.

How do you feel in this space?

Do you wonder what will happen in this room? Who will...

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The Receiving Ceremony


There are so many needs that an empath can see and sense.  They are attuned to these needs in a way that others are not.  Their sensitivity to others’ needs is so important and a gift for all of humanity.  They have the competence that is needed. They have the ability to make everything better.

And yet this is not their true journey. It is not always theirs to make better.  The journey unfolds in a series of initiations where the empath uncovers layers upon...

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Ancestral Support for My…Taxes?

I woke up with tension in my low back, and a weight on my shoulders extending up through my neck - my head heavy with thoughts. 

“I need to finish my tax preparation and get my stuff to the accountant!”

The problem?  I didn’t feel like doing it. Besides feeling tension throughout my body, I noticed I’d become the rebellious teenager who’d rather be doing something fun, and in protest, was going to her room and NOT DO ANYTHING (except check social...

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You Are Medicine

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2019

What if everyone you met knew that their presence offered medicine to those around them? 

I once made an herbal extraction bag, as part of a workshop led by my shamanic teacher, to assist in extracting misplaced energy from clients’ energy bodies and replacing those areas with love and light.  

As she placed each herb/resin in our hand, we journeyed into non-ordinary reality with our rattles to learn what it would like us to know about it, and whether it would like to work...

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How Lightworkers Find Clients & Facilitate Transformation

Healers and coaches get support when they feel stuck, and sometimes that support comes from the invisible realms.  Here's a poem I wrote after a shamanic journey where I asked Grandmother Midwife for her guidance on a new event I planned to host, and how I could fill the room. 

Grandmother Midwife

She appears as a giant



I ask her

what she would like me to know

about her


She lays down in the river

and spreads her legs


The water gushes through,


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