You Are Medicine

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2019

What if everyone you met knew that their presence offered medicine to those around them? 

I once made an herbal extraction bag, as part of a workshop led by my shamanic teacher, to assist in extracting misplaced energy from clients’ energy bodies and replacing those areas with love and light.  

As she placed each herb/resin in our hand, we journeyed into non-ordinary reality with our rattles to learn what it would like us to know about it, and whether it would like to work...

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How Lightworkers Find Clients & Facilitate Transformation

Healers and coaches get support when they feel stuck, and sometimes that support comes from the invisible realms.  Here's a poem I wrote after a shamanic journey where I asked Grandmother Midwife for her guidance on a new event I planned to host, and how I could fill the room. 

Grandmother Midwife

She appears as a giant



I ask her

what she would like me to know

about her


She lays down in the river

and spreads her legs


The water gushes through,


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